TAMRA® - A quality product from the House of RRR

FAQ 1: How much water can the bottle hold?

A: Presently, TAMRA® drinking water bottle is available in the standard size which can hold 800 mL of water.

FAQ 2: What is the composition of the plastic cap? Is the plastic non-hazardous enough, so that one can drink directly from the bottle?

A: The plastic is non – hazardous one can drink directly from the bottle. The TAMRA® bottles tops are made of polypropylene (PP) which is BPA free. The gaskets are made of food grade silicon.

FAQ 3: What are the dimensions of the bottle – without cap and with cap?

A: Without cap dimension of the bottle is : W 7 CM X D 7 CM x H 24 CM.
With cap dimension of the bottle is : W 7 CM X D 9 CM x H 26.6 CM.

FAQ 4: My TAMRA® bottle has developed a green colour at the top and inside. How do I remove it?

A: Please use lemon and water to clean the green residue. Please refer to the cleaning guide that cam with the bottle to clean and maintain the bottle.

FAQ 5: Is the TAMRA® bottle suitable for storing milk and fruit juices such as apple juice?

A: No, TAMRA® bottle is not suitable for storing milk and fruit juices and milk products. TAMRA® bottle is to be used only for storing water.

FAQ 6: What is the easiest method to clean the TAMRA® bottle from inside at home?

A: The easiest method of cleaning TAMRA® bottle is to use lemon juice and tap water. Diluted vinegar can also be used.

FAQ 7: How long can I use the TAMRA® bottle safely?

A: The TAMRA® bottle has a long life. It can be used until there is physical damage to the bottle or until the copper inside has completely disappeared.

FAQ 8: Do I have to change the water daily?

A: It is not necessary to change the water daily but water should normally not be stored for more than a week.

FAQ 9: Does more and more copper dissolve when water is stored for a longer time?

A: No. The dissolution of copper by water stops within hours after storage. More copper does not dissolve on longer storage.

FAQ 10: Can I put and store aerated water in the TAMRA® bottle?

A: No. TAMRA® bottle is to be used only for storing natural drinking water.

FAQ 11: Can a leaking TAMRA® bottle be repaired?

A: It depends on the type of damage.

FAQ 12: The inner copper surface does not look uniformly copper-red in colour. Can I still use it?

A: Yes.

FAQ 13: Can the TAMRA® bottle be used to carry buttermilk or lassi?

A: No. TAMRA® bottle is to be used only for storing natural drinking water.

FAQ 14: In what sizes can I buy the TAMRA® bottle?

A: At present, the TAMRA® bottle is available in only one size of 800 mL capacity.

FAQ 15: Does the TAMRA® bottle develop a bio-film inside, if water is stored for a long time?

A: No. This is the unique feature which our ancestors recognized long ago.

FAQ 16: Where can I purchase TAMRA® bottles?

A: At present, either online via Amazon India or directly from RRR.

FAQ 17: What is the price? How do I pay?

A: The price depends on the quantity you buy. Please contact us for the discount structure for various order quantities. Use the e-payment gateway to pay.

FAQ 18: If I want to resell TAMRA® bottles, which audiences should I target?

A: Corporate gifts market, wellness centres, yoga centres, sportspersons, school- and college-going children, friends and relatives, pharmaceutical companies, events, parties and so on.

FAQ 19: FAQ 19: Why is copper so important for our body?

A: Copper is an absolutely essential element for certain enzymes, called metallo-enzymes, to function. Examples of such enzymes include tyrosinase, superoxide dismutase, ascorbic acid oxidase, cytochromes and catechol oxidase.

FAQ 20: What general precautions should I take in handling the TAMRA® bottle?

A: Please do not allow the bottle to fall, since the bottle can get dented or develop cracks if it falls. Do not tighten the cap too tightly, since, being a plastic, it might tend to crack. Put the bottle in a pouch if you can.

FAQ 21: Can the TAMRA® bottle be put into a dishwasher?

A: Yes.